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Client: Municipality of Pordenone

Location: Pordenone(PN) - ITALY 2023

The project presented concerns the creation from scratch of a school canteen and the demolition of the current building visible in the photographic documentation used as a canteen. The project presented is part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which the Ministry of Education issued with protocol. 48038 of 2 December 2021. The notice requested the submission of proposals for the safety and/or creation of school canteens, to be financed within the PNNR, Mission 4 – Education and Research – Component 2 – Strengthening the offer of education services: from nurseries to universities - Investment 1.2: "Plan for the extension of full-time work and canteens", financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU. The Municipality of Pordenone presented the application to access the contribution, proposing as an intervention "Demolition and reconstruction of spaces for school use and to be used as a canteen for the M. Grigoletti primary school" and this application was admitted and included in the national ranking. In the area there is currently a building built in the 70s with some school classrooms inside, a canteen area and ancillary buildings for an overall development of approx. 684 and volume of m3. 2736. The current building presents various problems both from a plant engineering and maintenance point of view. The strong thermal dispersion of the building, the conformation of the volumes and the state of degradation of some parts led to the choice of a demolition and reconstruction intervention as the renovation costs are very high and not economically sustainable. Another aspect concerns the oversizing of the spaces of the current building and the planimetric position which occupies almost the entire external space of the school, leaving no free areas for the students' outdoor activities. The project for the new canteen involves the creation of a canteen area of approx. 127 net internal spaces and ancillary rooms for the distribution of food, toilets and plant rooms. The expected gross surface area amounts to m2. 179.00 in total for a volume of m3. 590.70 m3. Therefore, comparing the metric data to the current existing surfaces with the new canteen reduces the built area by m2. 557, freeing this space for outdoor activities. Furthermore, by positioning the new canteen on the north-west side of the lot, it will be possible to have a single large green space which includes the areas now marginal to the existing building and fully usable by the students. The project is developed figuratively by assembling two simple volumes but with different connotations. A rational white base developed on a modular mesh that supports a light covering. The white concrete base, partly surrounded by a small portico to protect the entrance, is made permeable to the view through large windows that visually connect the interior of the canteen with the free green space. Pupils will be able to feel in contact with the external area so that this space can be a real moment of pause and contact with recreational and leisure activities compared to the internal environments of the school dedicated to carrying out school activities. The shape of the roof, which in some respects resembles the shape of a leaf, becomes a light roof suspended over the canteen, which characterizes this space and makes it figuratively recognizable compared to the spaces of school classrooms. The project is of contemporary architecture in which we relate to the surroundings, green spaces and the ring of trees that surround the area, through an analogical relationship of figuration, where natural elements, leaves and tree trunks, become elements for the construction figurative of the building. The project redevelops the area by enhancing the natural elements such as the existing tree belt and landscape redeveloping the school courtyard, turning it into a large green space, now missing, which will be the fulcrum for the students' outdoor activities.

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