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Client: Municipality of Pordenone

Location: Pordenone(PN) - Italy  2021

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We imagined the new accommodation of the central spaces of Borgomeduna as a whole from different fields, with specific characteristics functional, but within a figurative system e distribution that enhances the characteristics of the place through a new recognizable central space and identity for the people who live in the neighborhood. There complexity of vehicular connections is addressed through a reconfiguration of the current rotunda in order to free up the actual central area for recreate a protected space connected to the part historical center of Borgomeduna, therefore the roundabout an existing one is changed by a new one roundabout of oval shape that respecting the radii of curvature and alignment to the access axes vehicles is able to free up spaces towards via Udine connecting the confluences of the five accesses existing vehicles. We believe the chosen location for the new square is easily usable by pedestrians and slow-moving people and buildings as a whole facing it can easily be converted to new activities by making available new spaces free and protected. 

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Public space can be actually used and usable only if supported by a complexity of other functions and activities (commercial, recreational, aggregation, etc.) e really connected to directions and routes used by people. For this we have thought of adding two elements to the square that contribute to making this new one feasible reconfiguration. The first is a small curtain of buildings that close the view of the square towards the south side and Via Nuova di Corva and the second a parking for about 30 cars on the ground level with possibility of creating a basement of about 80 seats with access from Via Nuova di Corva. On the floor land of the new buildings was designed one space for public use, place of information and of support to the interchange pole between slow mobility and the vehicular one. This public space is directly connected to the new parking, at cycle paths and the pedestrian square. We have conceived of a glazed open space overlooking the square also as a meeting place for the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

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