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Client: Corte Bacaro Company

Location: Portogruaro (VE) Italy  (2015)

The simple volumetric system is mediated by a secondary body placed on the side of the main entrance of the production building. Thus, an enclosed space is formed between the main body and the secondary one, connected to a large patio that will be arranged with plants and a water tank, an area that will also allow access to the cellar and will also give way to see from inside the exhibition. the internal activities of the cellar through a large window.


This element will be made with a metal support structure by means of round pillars in iron pre-painted with ivory white thermosetting powders placed externally to the vertical faces made of plastered masonry for the opaque and glazed ones with laminated glass systems with low-emissivity filters-films. An element that figuratively stands out in the relationship between the main building and the exhibition body is a large canopy slightly rotated relative to the construction axis of the buildings made with a reticular iron structure and boxed with ivory white aluminum panels.

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