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Client: C.D.P. SRL

Location: Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE) - Italy  2006

The project aims to shelter a new industrial building with pre-existing warehouses, located in a portion of lots for industrial use aligned according to a modular grid that extends into the countryside indifferent to the existing landscape elements. Two aspects articulated between them have been assumed in the system of the project. The modular grid, with its orderly scanning, and the inclined and broken line, generated through the alignment to the axis of the adjacent road.

MOD2 050.jpg
Immagini 002.jpg

The new volume is enclosed with two large continuous windows that surround the building perimeter and make the articulation of the internal volumes. By creating areas with double heights, it is possible to read the various parts of the whole in their composition. Apparently antithetical lines make the industrial building complex articulated and the view sweeps over a new dynamic of volumes, generating figurative complexity.

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