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Client:  BG

Location: PORTOGRUARO (VE) - ITALY 2021

The new construction stands on the side of the existing house which overlooks a large green area. This new dining-living area with accessory rooms and a staircase that connects the ground floor with the first floor, it is made up of three volumes corresponding to the living area, the stairwell and an external storage room and porch which will be covered with different materials such as: Aluminum for the living area, wood for the porch and closet and white plaster for the stairwell. The roof of the new volumes will be accessible from the stairwell and you will be able to see the inside of the house through a large window. A complex composition that uses materials found in additions to existing houses such as sheet metal, wood and plaster. Inside the living room there is a wooden structure like a tree which instead of fruits has lamps that come down to illuminate the space.

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