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Location: Portogruaro(VE) - ITALY 2021

© Francesco Stecanella Architetto


Laura Tassile


Roberto Galasso Inegnere

Stefano Russo Geologo

An organic building that lowers almost to prostrate itself in front of the river, a building that does not try to raise its voice and to compete with the natural context, instead tries to find in the place itself those programmatic synergies that define its volume. The necessarily higher parts have been moved away, they are never perceived, slight inclinations, walls and roof bend and deform the perspective so as to make the building almost elusive, trying not to emphasize an object that due to its function takes on an important dimension. An organic element therefore, a plinth that rises only when necessary, surmounted by a ribbon that shapes, folds, wraps, welcomes and lowers until it touches the ground. The plinth itself retracts to make this tape even lighter and more floating. The copper cladding seeks a natural materiality by projecting natural colors, welcoming reflections and changing with the passage of time and the seasons. The internal courtyard accompanies and collects the vegetation which, despite the presence of the embankment road, relates to the shore without interruption, almost as if to be part of it without changing its balance. The living spaces gravitate around this courtyard allowing you to grasp the relationship between water-green and nature.
The two distinct entrances seek to have a unique connotation and function independently, thus making it possible to accommodate the institution's will to make certain spaces accessible to the community. Access from via Palestro can be used to accommodate external users of the gym or guests of the events organized by the school. The entrance from via Solferino, in addition to getting closer to the station, becomes functional to the normal didactic activity. However, both entrances converge in the main hall through an opening on via Solferino and a covered walkway, inside the courtyard, from via Palestro.

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