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Client: Municipality of Varmo(PN)

Location: Varmo(PN) - Italy 2019

We imagined the new socio-cultural pole as a set of different domains, with specific functional characteristics but inside of a figurative and distributive system that enhance the characteristics of the place. The new buildings designed they relate discreetly with the pre-existing Villa Giacomini and at the same time visually reconfigure the relationship between existing buildings.

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v2 fotomontaggio copia.jpg

Connecting element between the various areas is the stone wall that encloses the school in order to create a fifth wall along the road that takes up the image of the buildings and the typical courts of the place. Further we wanted to strengthen the image of the villa Giacomelli leaving it as it is, in his own ancient beauty, with a large lawn around it, leaning against it just a simple glazed volume on the less visible side.

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