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The competition involves the construction of a new refectory for the primary school of Fino Morlasco. The position indicated by the administration for the new refectory, above the gymnasium, avoids land consumption and places the space to be designed directly in contact with the foliage of the trees existing. This particular condition there he had a design conformation chosen that can dialogue with the natural elements e the free area around. Providing transparency between inside and outside on the north and east side of the refectory students will find themselves able to wander looking towards the existing trees e around. We have standardized with a structure autonomous the two building elements so that they became in the upper part a single plate on which to attest the new refectory. To conformation extremely simple and rational of the basement and partitions of the refectory, which will be made of steel-frame to break down the loads on the plate, we have given importance to the roof as a formal element that could also render the whole figuratively integrated with the existing natural environment. We have therefore designed a lightweight structure in metal carpentry that can easily conform to particular architectural solutions becoming an element that in an analog relationship with the surrounding it becomes a large leaf among the fronds of trees.

Client: Municipality of Fino Mornasco(CO)

Location: Fino Mornasco(CO) - ITALY  (2019)

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